5 Summer Organizing Tips and Tricks: How to Prevent Clutter

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summer organizing tips and tricks

Spring cleaning shouldn’t be the only time that you go through your home to organize and declutter. Every season of the year means a new beginning for your home. With summer knocking on your door, now is the best time to implement these summer organizing tips and tricks so that you can enjoy the warm weather without worrying about a messy home.

Whether you have children or not, your home is always in need of good decluttering and organizing. Over the months, things have easily accumulated in corners here and there, stuff has been shoved to the back of your closet, and you are itching to spruce things up for the summer fun. Don’t just keep adding more to the pile; take the time to organize now.

Use the following summer organizing tips and tricks to get you started on the right foot this season. Get ready for summer gatherings at your home with a tidy space your guests (and you) will enjoy.

5 Summer Organizing Tips and Tricks

These five summer organizing tips and tricks are designed to get you started on the right foot to organize your home. Implement these tips every season so that you can prevent clutter.

1. Plan to Declutter

The first step in preventing clutter is to declutter what you currently have. This might be the most time-consuming part of the process. However, it is a necessary part. Go through each room of your home to declutter each space. Let go of things that are just sitting around collecting dust. Consider donating items that no longer serve a purpose in your home or that you no longer have a need to keep.

In addition, go through items that have worn out over the years. Some of these items may no longer have any life left in them. Therefore, it’s time to let them go. Your home is a reflection of you; declutter so that you can let other things you love have a place to shine.

2. Review Storage Options

Take a look at storage options that you have inside and outside of your home. When the seasons change, this is usually the time to store away items that are not going to be used until the next time that season shows up. Use any backyard or outdoor storage options to house those items for the time being. Remove items from your indoor storage closets that no longer have a purpose. Free up space for the things that actually do need a space in your home.

3. Organize

Once you have decluttered and figured out what items you are keeping, plus established storage spaces, now is the time to organize. Take inventory of the way things are organized currently in your home. Ask yourself if the systems you have in place are working for you or if you need to switch things up. Keep in mind that visual clutter can easily pile up. When you store things out of sight, then you are less likely to promote clutter on the visible surfaces.

4. Minimize Purchases

Next on the list of summer organizing tips and tricks is creating a buying rule. Minimize any purchases you plan to make that may cause clutter instead. For every item you purchase, this rule means you have to let go of an item in your home. One item in, one item out.

5. Stick to a Plan

Stick to an organizing plan each week so that you can prevent clutter in your home. Plan out your week and dedicate time to spend organizing. For example, on Mondays, go through the mail that has been collected on the counters. On Tuesdays, organize your laundry in its rightful places, and so on.

In addition, consider creating a space in your home that is dedicated to donation items. This will help you collect all of the items in one spot. When the box or bag is full, take it to your local donation center.

Questions Others are Asking Summer Organizing Tips

You are not alone when it comes to wanting to declutter and organize your home this summer. Find out what others are asking in the questions below.

What is the fastest way to organize clutter?

The fastest way to organize clutter is to just dedicate the time to get it done. There is no magic fairy that will come do it for you. Schedule out a full day to get the process done.

How do you organize if you have ADHD?

There are plenty of ways you can still be successful with summer organizing even if you have ADHD. Take a look at how to declutter with ADHD and how to organize when you are feeling overwhelmed.

How can my kids help keep the home organized on summer break?

Kids can be part of the clutter problem, but they can also be part of the organizing process. Use tips for teaching kids how to organize during summer break so that you don’t have to do it all yourself.

Summer Organizing Tips Can Help You Prevent Clutter

Summer organizing might sound less than ideal and not fun to do. However, there are ways you can make it fun so that you don’t dread the process. Turn on some music, plan a reward for yourself for when you finish, and ask friends and family to help. You can be done in no time at all.

The purpose of summer organizing tips and tricks is to help you start the process of looking in your home for ways to improve your clutter. Many people don’t have the time or patience to do this. If this is you, you can still get your home in tip-top shape by hiring a professional organizer.

As a professional organizer, it is my job to help you get your home organized and create systems that help you stay organized. If you declutter your home with no plan for it to stay decluttered, then you will soon find yourself in this same predicament. Start today with a complimentary call with me so that we can create a plan of action for your home together. Your home is just one phone call away from being organized and fresh again.