Hi, I'm Kris Hargrove, a Professional Home Organizer and I'd love to share my story of how I ended up in this life changing career!

Kris Hargrove Professional Organizer

If you'd told me in 2020 that I'd start a Home Organizing business the following year, I would have given you a head tilt with my left eyebrow raised. This was never on my radar. I was trying to retire from the mortgage industry with my nutrition business that supported sports performance for teen athletes.

However, in 2020, like most of us, I was home a lot more than normal. And this is where my life took a left turn.

Being home more with not much to do, certain areas of my home started irritating me - fridge, pantry, and master closet. I got flares of anxiety every time I opened these doors. It was cluttered and I hated taking everything out to find what I needed!

Full disclosure - I really have Costco to thank for getting me into the home organizing industry. I spotted a 4-piece organizing set for the fridge at Costco and that’s how it all began. 

I added the set to my fridge and while it was helpful, I could see how adding more containers to my fridge would be a game-changer, not only in how it would look but how it would function.

I finished the fridge and ended up organizing my entire house, including my husband's tools - well except for the boys' rooms (which is off-limits - teenagers). 

Ah, welcome to the pandemic, where we found ourselves with a lot more time than we knew what to do with.

The best thing I did was set up organizing systems that have been so easy to maintain! I love that the areas that I organized have stayed that way. Even the boys can follow the system - and that makes this mama happy!

I realized I had connected with my strengths on a higher level. I am naturally a very detailed person and love for things to be in order but never took the time to really organize my house. 

I could not believe how much organizing sparked joy in me (feeling a bit like Marie Kondo over here) and I was immediately itching for a new project to work on.

Another strength I've connected with is I have a unique way of feeling the energy of my clients which has helped me tune into the energy they need from me. Many clients are anxious when we begin and by the time we are done, their energy is calm and light. 

I'm sure you can guess - I closed my nutrition business and retired from the mortgage industry and went all in on organizing!

When I'm not organizing, I love spending time with my family, learning new things, listening to podcasts, watching True Crime shows, shopping at Erin Condren, and finding new things to do since I've retired from wine tastings too.

If you feel we'd be a great fit for your organizing needs, let's connect.