professional organizer

Hi, I'm Kris Hargrove, a Professional Home Organizer and I'd love to share my story and how I ended up in this life changing career!

If you'd told me in 2020 that I'd start a new Home Organizing business, I would have given you the head tilt with my left eyebrow raised. This was never on my radar. I was fully submersed into sports performance nutrition with teen athletes.

However, in 2020, like most of us, I was home a lot more than normal. One the thing about me is - I don't do downtime well. I like staying busy.

Being home more with not much to do, certain areas of my home started irritating me - fridge, pantry, and master closet. I got flares of anxiety every time I opened these doors. It was cluttered and I hated taking everything out to find what I needed!

Full disclosure - I really have to thank Costco for getting me into the home organizing industry. I spotted a 4 piece organizing set for the fridge at Costco and that’s how it all began. 

I added the set to my fridge and while it was helpful, I could see how adding more containers to my fridge would be a game-changer, not only in how it would look but how it would function.

I finished the fridge and promptly moved on to my pantry, drawers, cabinets, then the closets, bathroom, garage, and laundry room. Ok, fine... I did my entire house - well except for the boys' rooms (which is off-limits - teenagers). I even organized my husband's tools - I really thought he was going to flip out, but now he can actually see what he has. No more digging in the tool bag!

The best thing I did was set up organizing systems that have been so easy to maintain! I love that the areas that I organized have stayed that way. Even the boys can follow the system - and that makes this mama happy!

I realized I had connected with my strengths on a whole new level. I am naturally a very detailed person and love for things to be in order but never took the time to really organize my house. 

Welcome to the pandemic, where we found ourselves with a lot more time than we knew what to do with.

I could not believe how much organizing sparked joy in me (feeling a bit like Marie Kondo over here) and I was immediately itching for a new project to work on.

So now, here I am, a professional home organizer sharing this life changing magic with my clients so they can experience peace in their homes too!