How to Organize a Tiny Home to Fit Your Essentials

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organize a tiny home

Whether you are downsizing your home or you feel a tiny home is more cozy for you and your family, there are several ways you can learn how to organize a tiny home. Space is overrated which means there are a lot more areas to clean. Save yourself the hassle by living in a space that is more conducive to … Read More

How to Declutter and Downsize to a Smaller Home – Empty Nesters Edition

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declutter and downsize

Over the years, it’s been easy to collect items from trips, children’s keepsakes, special holiday items, and such. When it’s time to downsize, it can feel like “Where did all this stuff come from?” It’s from years of memories and special occasions, which means you’ve lived a full and happy life. But you don’t have to carry all of this … Read More

Decorate for the Holidays Without Adding Clutter to Your Home

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decorate for the holidays

The holidays can be an exciting time of year, which makes some households really want to amp up the décor. The decorations bring an extra level of excitement and all of the “feel good feelings”. The problem with this is that more decorations can bring more clutter into your home. This year, consider how you can decorate for the holidays … Read More

How to Declutter with ADHD: Tips to Prevent Overwhelm

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Declutter with ADHD

Decluttering in general can feel overwhelming to the majority of people. Scramble in some ADHD and you have a whole other level of overwhelm when it comes to decluttering. If you are someone who is frustrated with your living space, but can’t seem to stay focused long enough to do anything about it, take a look at some tips to … Read More

5 Best Decluttering Tips for Organizing Your Home

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decluttering tips

You have likely tried to declutter once or twice before and got overwhelmed. If you’re like many individuals, biting off more than you can chew when it comes to decluttering and organizing your home happens often. No matter how many decluttering checklists you print out, if you don’t have a real strategy to declutter, then it will likely end in … Read More

The Life Changing Power of Having a Clean Home

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have fun cleaning your home

Day in and day out, you see that same pair of shoes out of place or that pile of laundry that needs to be folded, or even that pile of mail on the counter that needs to be gone through. And day after day, you might feel a slight pull of guilt or even exasperation because of those untidy spaces. … Read More

Expert Moving Tips From Professional Organizers

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Moving Tips

Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in: The Ultimate Guide to Minimalist Moving: Experts Reveal Packing, Organizing, and Moving Tips for Your Smoothest Move Yet Whether you’re neighborhood-hopping to your new Miami rental or planning a coast-to-coast move from Boston to the west coast, planning a move can be a stressful process. From packing up your things … Read More