How to Teach Kids to Organize During Summer Break

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organize during summer break

Summer break brings more stress for parents. While it is supposed to be a time for fun in the sun, many parents still have to work during the summer. This means kids are home more often during the break. If having your kids home during the summer makes you agonize about how unorganized your home is about to become, use this guide to help your children learn how to organize during summer break.

Kids will be kids and that means they aren’t likely to look for opportunities to tidy up around the house when they are likely the ones making the mess. It’s not that they don’t care, they just have other things on their mind. Help them realize what it means to care for their home, especially when they will be spending more time in it over the next few months.

How to Teach Your Kids to Organize While on Summer Break

The following ideas are easy to implement this summer with your kids. No matter their age, everyone can chip in on summer break.

Create a Summer Chore Calendar

The best way to hold your children accountable to organize during summer break is to create a summer chore calendar. Each day of the week, your children are responsible for completing certain tasks at home. Ask them to vacuum the carpets on Monday, mop floors on Tuesday, fold laundry on Wednesday, etc. Whatever will make your life easier as a parent while you are working, have the kids help.

Set Rules

Kids thrive on rules, as much as they probably detest them. It has been proven that kids need boundaries. Therefore, setting up rules for summer break is one of the ways they can organize during summer break. The rules can include no TV time until chores are completed. In addition, setting rules around when family time will take place is also important so that everyone still gets the opportunity to spend time together.

Create a Command Center

Summer command centers are a great way to organize during summer break. Set a central location where everyone can see the calendar, chore list, and reminders. This is the one spot your kiddos can come to each morning to see what their responsibilities are for the day to organize the home in addition to reminding them what activities are going to take place. Consider adding the summer rules list here as well so that everyone knows about the rules at any given time.

Stock up on Essentials

Make organizing easier by stocking up on essentials for summer. This could include easy-to-grab snacks, plenty of trash bags, cleaning items, and organizers for summer toys. In short, make sure your home is supplied with the things your kids will need to help them stay organized during summer break. Setting them up for success will help set your home up for organizational success.

Hire a Professional Organizer

In the end, hiring a professional organizer might be the best way to organize your home during summer break. An organizer can help set your family up for a successful summer by creating functional organizing systems that are easy for everyone to follow. With an organizer, you can get help to declutter your home first and then organize things for functionality that will perform all summer long.

How to Hire a Professional Organizer for Your Home

The following steps are easy ways to go about hiring your first professional organizer. Give yourself and your family the gift of an organized home this summer.

Look Up Professional Organizers in Your Area

Search for professional organizers in your area and review their services. The first step is making sure that an organizer provides the type of organizing services you need. It is also important to understand if they service your area. Write down a couple of professionals to consider further.

Read Reviews

Read reviews left by previous clients who have worked with the organizers you are considering. You can see the reviews on Google, the organizer’s website, social media platforms, Yelp, and more. Do your research to ensure that the person you want to hire is someone worth partnering with.

Meet with the Organizer

Once you have narrowed down your options, it’s time to schedule a meeting with the organizer. This can be done over a phone chat, a virtual meeting, or an in-person meeting. Many organizers offer a complimentary consultation before partnering with them. Get a feel for the person you are considering, ask all the questions you have, and allow yourself to become comfortable with this person.

Make Your Decision

Finally, it’s time to actually hire your professional organizer. Through all of your research, it is likely that you have found at least one person that you want to hire. Now it’s time to select the package you need from their services, make a deposit to secure your services and get ready to have your home organized for the summer.

Organizing During Summer Break Can Be Fun and Helpful

Thinking about how to organize during summer break shouldn’t bring you more anxiety. When you make it the entire family’s responsibility, then the tasks can get split up evenly among everyone. What’s more is that when everyone is held accountable for specific tasks, everyone wins.

Organize during summer break and have one of the tidiest seasons of the year. Entice your kids even more with some fun activities as a celebration for them following the rules and completing their chores each day. Be their role model and show them how to keep things organized in the home, especially after a professional organizer comes in to declutter for you.