Dorm Room Organization Tips: Make the Most of Your Space

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dorm room organization

When you don’t have much space to work with, it’s easy to feel like the walls are closing in on you with all the stuff you have. Typically, dorm rooms are situated so that they provide just enough living space for a college student and that’s that. Therefore, college students (and their parents) often look for dorm room organization tips.

To make the most of a dorm room space, you have to think outside of the box. Analyze the space you have, figure out if the furniture can be rearranged, and take inventory of items you need to purchase for yourself in order to live comfortably.

If you want to learn how to organize your dorm room, use tips from an expert organizer. At Organized by Kris, we believe in simplicity, organization, and making the most of your life. Without knowing it, an organized space has a direct impact on your life. You deserve a dorm room that is organized, inviting, and comfortable.

How to Organize Your Dorm Room

Use the following tips to get your dorm room organized and functional for what you need.

1. Declutter

The first step is removing things that will not serve a purpose in your dorm room. Declutter your space, let go of items that you don’t absolutely need, and remove clutter from your room. Wanting to decorate your room is one thing. However, overcrowding it with trinkets and items that will take up space is not the right idea.

Give yourself a small space dedicated to pictures or mementos that will help your dorm room feel like home. Consider creating a shadowbox so that all of your items stay in one space and prevent clutter in your room.

2. Think Vertical

Your dorm room has limited foot space. However, there is more room in the vertical space than there is in the foot space. Think of ways you can hang shelves and other organizers vertically in your room so that you still have walking space in your room.

3. Use Hidden Spaces

Think about spaces beneath your bed or slim spaces between furniture that you can use for storage. Find drawers that can fit in these areas and store things away to defeat clutter.

Slim spaces can be used for things like office supplies, makeup and hair products, toiletries, and more. Instead of allowing these small items to create clutter, get in the habit of using them and then put them straight back into their space. Under your bed, you can find bigger spaces to use for extra clothes, books, or other larger items. Don’t let these spaces go unused.

4. Use Furniture and Storage Combo

Purchasing multi-purpose furniture is a great way to save on space. Add these to your door room organization plan. Consider ottomans, sofa sleepers, or multi-functional desks that turn into a table or can be used as a shelf. This furniture can help spruce up your room in addition to providing additional storage space.

5. Rotate Clothing

Instead of trying to pack all seasons of clothing in your small closet, consider rotating out your clothes. Only keep clothes that are in season in your closet. The rest can be stored at your parents’ home or kept in storage bins under your bed. This is especially important for bulky jackets that can take up a ton of space in a small closet.

6. Use Labels

When you get things mixed up where they shouldn’t be, clutter quickly follows. To prevent this and keep your dorm room organization plan in full effect, use labels to keep items where they should be. On your totes and trays, label only things that belong in them. In addition, your focus on keeping the right items where they belong will help prevent future clutter and having to search for items that didn’t make it back into their appropriate places.

7. Use a Corkboard

Corkboards are easy to place on a wall and decorate or use to pin important items. Purchase one for your room so that you can keep the clutter off of other surfaces in your room. Use fun thumbtacks to hang your items on the board. Put notes, assignments, and other important paper items on the board for safekeeping.

8. Hire a Professional Organizer

If you feel like you have tried to organize your door room, but you are still feeling trapped in your space, then it is time to hire a professional organizer. A professional organizer like myself can help you get your dorm room in tip-top and functioning shape. Professional organizers know how to make your space work for you and what you need. This includes helping you establish systems that will help you stay on track to remain organized and clutter-free.

Dorm Room Organization Doesn’t Have to be Impossible

Your dorm room is a safe space that you go to in order to feel comfortable. Keeping it clutter-free can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Using the tips listed in this article will help keep you organized. However, it is up to you whether you choose to stay on top of your clutter.

Don’t make more work for yourself. Hire a professional organizer who can establish easy systems you can follow each day. Book your complimentary consultation with me today. Instead of spending hours at one time getting your room together, spend a few minutes per day to keep up with clutter and organization. Your dorm room organization plan can work if you stay dedicated.