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Hey there, I'm Kris Hargrove and I provide professional home organizing services in the Austin area.

However, if you live in a different location or state we can work together virtually or I can provide you with a DIY plan.

I LOVE helping my clients live better in their homes!

I've experienced first hand how getting my own home decluttered and organized reduced my stress and anxiety.

And while I love organizing and transforming a space into something beautiful that's Instagram-worthy, that's not why I'm a Professional Home Organizer. 

Every time I step into a client's home I feel and see their stress, overwhelm, and anxiety.

The true transformation happens when I help get their home in order. They feel lighter, excited, and in control. It's a true gift for both of us!

I'm here to help you clear that clutter, set up organizational systems, and take back control of your life!

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When implementing my EASE Method - the chaos and stress melt away and you'll love your home again!

Here's how it works:

Eliminate all items that are no longer being used or you don’t love anymore

Align with your goals and how you want your space to function

Systematize all remaining items into a system that’s easy to follow and maintain

Enjoy your new space! Yes, it’s that easy!


Kris helped my family organize our garage. The garage held anything and everything. When I got home from a long day at work, it was the first thing I saw and triggered a lot of additional stress. My OCD kicked in every time. My wife and I are super busy at work and had no time to clean out the garage without help. And even if we did “clean” the garage, it’d be useless, it always ended up in a disaster and was never organized. Kris helped us clear everything out that didn’t belong in the garage and get rid of so much that we never used. She put a system in place that even our kids understand and can follow. My garage is badass now! There’s so much space. We’ve been able to maintain the system and my OCD is not triggered anymore and for that - I’m so grateful!

- Aaron H.
We hired Kris to organize our fridge and pantry. It’s one of the most used spaces in our home (we have a family of 6) and had acquired so much stuff other than food. I’m not an organized person but if the right system is set up, I can follow it. We no longer find empty snack boxes in the pantry because they’re now in clear containers and we can actually see when we are running low on foods. Kris exceeded my expectations! She listened to our needs and made maintaining our fridge and pantry a breeze. I absolutely loved working with her!

- Katy M.

Kris was absolutely amazing! She helped me get settled into a new house, unpacked and organized my things and showed me amazing systems and ways to keep things organic and flowing in my home. She also did all the shopping for these system to customize it to fit my space. My soul is at peace because my house is. She was worth every single penny! I will most definitely use her for future projects! Thank you again so much Kris you truly are a gem!

- Corrina M.

Kris was fantastic!! She helped us tame our supply room. She shopped for everything, measured and did such a fantastic job putting everything together! Now we are organized and functional. Reasonable priced and very professional. Highly recommend!!

- Angela S.

Kris was so helpful with my large project. I initially hired her to just help get our guest house organized and cleaned out for a family member who was going to be renting it from us. But I quickly added more time with her to get my house organized and decluttered. She was so easy to work with and helped me make decisions, but never pushed and was patient when I was indecisive.

- Amanda H.

Kris is SO good at organizing! She made what I thought to be impossible possible. She helped organize some spaces in my husband and I RV. If you know anything about RVs, then you know they are tiny and oddly shaped - the cabinets and such leave much to be desired. She did a really amazing job organizing our linen/storage closet and cabinet where I keep my 101 leggings, lol! Things are so easy to find now and neat! You'll be in good hands working with her. She'll fix ya right up. Thank you so much, Kris!

- Candace S.

As a virtual client, Kris helped me completely revamp my walk-in closet, and she had her work cut out for her! I am a bit of a packrat with ADHD who likes her piles. I absolutely hated walking into my closet every day, thinking about how one of these days I needed to buckle down and just get it over with (haha, like that was ever going to happen!). Kris walked me through a thorough purge of clothing, shoes, and other items, which took a few hours (something I never would have done on my own). She asked all the right questions to help me let go of the items that I didn't need without anxiety. Kris was incredibly supportive, helpful, and creative with her suggestions and worked with my own personal style, which we have dubbed "Sporty Glam." I highly recommend Kris for any organizational project, big or small.  I love my closet now!

- Becky W.

You can't go wrong with Organized by Kris, she helped me make sense of my walk-in closet that had no storage space - all hanging space. After our consultation, Kris found storage solutions that were not only functional but also added style to my closet. I'm no longer frustrated and love waking in my closet now!

- Alison G.

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