Life happens - leaving no one immune to clutter and chaos. We're here to assist you in claiming back control!

Our Home Organizers service a 60 mile radius in the Austin TX metro area.

Decluttering Projects

If you don't know where to start or the thought of starting is too overwhelming - you're not alone! Around 90% of clients we work with are overwhelmed by clutter. When we declutter together, this will bring your space PEACE and you... so much JOY. We serve by:

  • bringing the calm to the chaos party
  • supporting you in making difficult decisions
  • encouraging you let go of guilt
  • providing motivation to keep going
  • taking donations for you

Moving Prep

Imagine moving into your new home without all the clutter. What's in your new home is what you chose to keep. Scheduling a decluttering session with our team of Home Organizers prior to your move will assist you by: 

  • reducing moving cost in terms of weight of the move and packing materials
  • assisting you in preparing for what you'll need in your new home
  • reducing the amount unpacked boxes that go to the garage to die
  • saving space in your garage or attic
  • taking donations for you

Need assistance getting unpacked and settled in after moving? Check out our Unpacking Services.

Custom Organizing Solutions

We specialize in creating customized organizing solutions that get and keep you organized. We do this by:

  • asking questions and learning how you want your space to look, feel, and function
  • aligning with your goals in each space
  • giving your items a home
  • creating systems that you and your family can easily follow and maintain

Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement projects and renovations are stressful and so is preparing for them. We'll assist you by:

  • carefully packing and moving the items out of the space that's being renovated
  • moving and unpacking the items after the renovation is complete
  • organizing your newly renovated space

Organizing Team

We know you want the clutter and stress gone like yesterday! Hiring our team is the solution. Whether you have a larger project or need to meet a deadline - the benefits of having our team on your project are: 

  • often costs less than working with an individual organizer
  • our team of professional organizers can get the project completed quicker 
  • experience relief faster


The benefits of donation drop-offs being included in our services are:

  • we take them for you the day of the project
  • donations are no longer sitting by your front door or joyriding in your trunk for 6 months
  • you don't have to wait on friends to pick up
  • your donations go to meaningful places like Texas Baptist Children's Home and Animal Shelters in our area

Garage Organization

Available October - April depending on weather

Imagine finally pulling your car into the garage or being able to find what you need quickly. Having a fully zoned  garage with categories like: tools | automotive | sports | holiday decor | lawn care | gardening | gym equipment... can you see it, can you feel it? We can do that for you!

Don't miss out on garage season!

Team Rates 

Full Day (6 Hours)

 2 Organizers ~ $1050

 3 Organizers ~ $1500

 4 Organizers ~ $1950

depending on the size of the project - multiple days may be required

We can accomodate projects of all sizes. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have a smaller project.

*materials needed to set up organizing systems are an additional cost


What's Included:

  • 1-hour complimentary in-home consultation

  • decluttering, organizing, and system setup using our signature EASE Method

  • donation drop-off

  • organizing material/product recommendations + shopping/returns

  • consulting with sub-contractors for custom projects

  • ZERO judgment & 100% Confidentiality

  • Peace + Joy + Relief

What's Next?

  1. Complete a short inquiry form and schedule a connection call
  2. On the connection call we’ll setup your complimentary in-home consultation
  3. At your consultation, I’ll learn about how you want your space to look, feel, and function
  4. Book your project and we'll get you organized!

give us a call 737-781-5086 or email hello@organizedbykris.com