How to Declutter with ADHD: Tips to Prevent Overwhelm

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Declutter with ADHD

Decluttering in general can feel overwhelming to the majority of people. Scramble in some ADHD and you have a whole other level of overwhelm when it comes to decluttering. If you are someone who is frustrated with your living space, but can’t seem to stay focused long enough to do anything about it, take a look at some tips to declutter with ADHD.

Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common neurodevelopmental disorder. People who have this disorder often find they cannot focus for long periods of time, so spending large amounts of time on tasks to declutter a home can be daunting.

If you are ready to get organized in your life but don’t want to become overwhelmed, these tips are just for you. ADHD can feel like it controls you and the things you get to do in life. But you don’t have to let it completely consume you. Take back some of the control with simple organization processes in your home.

Why is it Difficult to Declutter with ADHD?

ADHD can interfere with a person’s ability to stay focused to complete tasks. It feels like the mind is constantly jumping from one thing to another in addition to feeling overwhelmed with everything. This can make the decluttering process challenging to complete.

In addition, some people with ADHD attach emotions to items in their home, which makes getting rid of things they no longer need difficult to do. This adds to the clutter and the cycle continues. Decluttering with ADHD can be challenging. Learn organization tips to help you stay on top of the clutter.

4 Tips to Declutter with ADHD

Don’t let overwhelm stop you from getting your living space the way you want it to be. Use these four tips to declutter with ADHD and stay organized.

Make a Plan of Action

The very first thing to do to start your decluttering process is to make a plan of action. Walking into your living room and seeing laundry on the couch, blankets scattered around, pillows out of place, and kids’ toys (if applicable) scattered is enough to discourage anyone from even trying. Start with figuring out where you want to begin decluttering.

Ask yourself questions like, “What area do I want to declutter first and why?” Knowing this will motivate you to get started. If you know where you are going to begin, it makes getting started easier. Make a plan that flows well with your needs and wants for your home.

Set Goals with a Timer

Setting goals with a timer is a great way to declutter with ADHD. If you plan to get your living room organized, set a timer and complete whatever you can in that time. Even just 10 minutes at a time can make all the difference. Setting up boxes, bags, or bins for trash, donation, and items to relocate in the home can help you stay in one area and stay on task.

Timers help you stay focused while also being productive. You’re not asking yourself to stay focused on one task for hours at a time; you’re giving yourself grace and completing tasks in small increments of time. This is rewarding and it honors your abilities.

Reward Yourself

If you complete tasks you have laid out for yourself, then reward yourself for getting things done. This can be as simple as watching an episode of your favorite TV show or indulging in a snack. Whatever makes you happy and feel accomplished, do it.

Rewards are helpful for anyone. You can visualize a finish line and know that once you cross it, you can do something that fills you. Small goals are still goals. Completing them is still an accomplishment. Don’t devalue the hard work you put into decluttering with ADHD.

Ask for Help

Maybe the most difficult thing for many people to do is ask for help when they need it. Some people would rather push that boulder up a mountain by themselves rather than ask for help with it. Maybe it’s pride or just how you were raised, but asking for help seems to be a challenge for many.

Step out of that shell and ask friends or family to help you with the decluttering process. This could be spending time with you completing tasks or holding you accountable to your goals to get organized. Whatever is the best way for them to support you, ask them for help. Chances are they will be more than happy to give you a hand.

Decluttering with ADHD is Challenging but Not Impossible

Being someone with ADHD can feel like a challenge just to live life every day with the countless tasks you have to keep up with. Add in some decluttering and organizing at home and it could make for an exhausted mind. Just because someone is living with ADHD doesn’t mean they can’t still do things that make them happy. It’s all about being strategic and setting boundaries for yourself.

You can have an organized home with ADHD. It might take you a little longer to get to your goals, but that doesn’t take away from the work you are putting in to get it done. In fact, having a decluttered and organized home could help your daily productivity with ADHD.

Remember to make a plan, start small, reward yourself, and ask for help. One step at a time will get you where you want to be. Don’t want to go it alone? You don’t have to! I love helping others with ADHD effectively declutter and set up functional organizing systems that are easy to maintain!