5 Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks: Ultimate Guide for a Healthy Season

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Spring is a time to welcome new and beautiful changes. When everything that went dormant in the winter starts coming back, you get to see the world in a new color. Suddenly, the days are brighter and you begin to feel a sense of opportunity in your life. For some, this means a chance at reviving their home, therefore, spring cleaning tips are highly sought after.

You will find many guides that will tell you what the best way to spring clean is based on another person’s opinion. Take it all in and decide for yourself which spring cleaning tips are going to actually work for you. Maybe what works for someone else isn’t something that works for you. The beauty of spring cleaning is that it is a fresh start for you to implement new ways of doing things for yourself as well.

If you are searching for ideas on the best ways to go about spring cleaning, then the following tips will work perfectly. This new season is also a time for a new and fresh you.

What is Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning is a sort of tradition people participate in when the spring season comes around. It’s a time to put away winter decor, clothes, and tools to replace with spring items. When people think of spring, you can almost bet flowers are involved in their thoughts. This is a great time to welcome new plants to your home for a fresh start for all.

Spring cleaning in general means a time to clean up the messes of the past season and start new. However you choose to spring clean, it will be the best way.

Why is Spring Cleaning Important?

Many studies show there are tremendous benefits to participating in spring cleaning. There are benefits to your mental health and your physical health when you spring clean. You can also count on a boost in your mood and a decrease in anxiety. There are many reasons why spring cleaning is important that you may not have considered before.

5 Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

If you are interested in spring cleaning and don’t know where to start, consider these five spring cleaning tips. Save time by using the steps listed in this guide.

Top to Bottom

Work your way cleaning from the ceiling to the floor. This will help bring down the debris, dust, and other things that have been collected over the winter. Once everything is on the ground, it is easier to clean up. It’s frustrating to clean the floors only to realize the dust from the top of the ceiling or fans/lights have to still come down, causing you to have to reclean the floors.

While you are dusting and wiping things down, don’t forget to move items to thoroughly clean under and around them. Things like picture frames and decorative items easily collect dust. Pick them up and wipe under them to really get a good clean.

Make a Schedule

The best way to spring clean is by sticking to a schedule. It is overwhelming thinking about having to do all of the things at once. This could cause you to not take action at all if you don’t know where to start. Create a schedule that works for you to ensure each part of your home will get cleaned.

Think about bedrooms, bathrooms, the laundry room, the kitchen, and even the pantry. It’s likely that each of these rooms is used on a daily or weekly basis. This means they all need to have some attention too during your cleaning process.

Create a System

Creating a system means you are being strategic about how you clean. For example, you would want to sweep and then mop versus doing it the other way around. Come up with a system that works for you such as removing all the trash from the rooms first, then stripping bed sheets, followed by dusting and vacuuming.

Whatever system you come up with, use it for each part of your house so that the next steps in your spring cleaning are predictable and easy to get to. Having a system also means you will get done faster.

Walls and Windows

One of the best spring cleaning tips to follow is to include walls and windows in your process. These often get overlooked because they don’t usually provide an immediate need to clean at first glance. However, if you look closely, you will notice fingerprints on the walls and windows, dusting on the baseboards and around the window frames, and much more.

Take the time to include wiping down windows and walls during your spring cleaning. You will be surprised just how much build-up happens in these areas.

Air Filters and Vents

The best way to spring clean your entire home is by remembering to clean air vents and change out air filters and HVAC filters. Dust off those air vents from the months of running your heater. Change out air vents to help with any spring allergies you may have. These small tasks make a huge impact on your air-breathing quality, which makes your home feel fresh.

Spring Cleaning Tips Don’t Have to Be Complicated

Some people dread the cleaning in general, let alone having to perform a more extensive spring cleaning event. The problem is that they make their cleaning too complicated. Typically, there is no preparation done ahead of time so when spring cleaning comes, they start out trying to do everything at once and get tired quickly.

The best thing you can do during your spring cleaning is to listen to your own needs. If spring cleaning is too much for you, then consider hiring a professional organizer like myself who can help you establish those systems to function in your home. As a professional organizer, it is my mission to make a clean home easier to attain for families and individuals who find themselves drowning in the sea of to-do lists. Book your complimentary consultation today and get ready for a healthier way of living.

Create your own spring cleaning checklist and don’t forget to include these spring cleaning tips. Your home and your health will thank you for taking the time to start fresh this spring.