6 Reasons Why Spring Cleaning is Important

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why is spring cleaning important

Spring cleaning has become somewhat of a tradition for many families. It’s finally time to step outside after being cooped up from the winter. This means fresh air and new beginnings are on the horizon. What better way to welcome that than by doing some spring cleaning? If you’re wondering, “Why is spring cleaning important,” you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn the purpose of spring cleaning.

Not only do you get a fresh start to the new season and a clean home, but there are also many other benefits of spring cleaning. Some families participate in spring cleaning together and make it a fun activity. If you haven’t tried spring cleaning before, this is your year to get started. Make it a new tradition and experience all the reasons why spring cleaning is important.

From mental health benefits to increasing productivity and reducing stress, spring cleaning is essential to living a healthy life. Learn even more about the other reasons you should clean during spring.

Why is Spring Cleaning Important?

Studies have answered the question, “Why is spring cleaning important?” Take a look at what has been discovered in those studies.

Reduces Stress

Spring cleaning has been proven to reduce stress. Having an organized home reduces visual clutter, which then reduces mental stress. When a home is unorganized, it makes you feel unorganized mentally and it causes stress. The checklist of what needs to be cleaned and organized becomes overwhelming. Soon, you begin to feel the stress of things piling up and not having the energy to tackle any of it.

With spring, you get that spark of energy again when you see new beginnings happening all around you. The flowers start to bloom, the grass begins to grow again, and the nice weather inspires you.

Improves Air Quality

A nice spring clean improves the air quality in your home and helps remove allergens. It is also known to improve asthma symptoms. When spring hits, many people suffer from allergies. Therefore, it makes sense that you would want to reduce the allergens in your home. You can improve the air quality in your home with a good cleaning.

Improves Mental Health

In addition to reducing stress, spring cleaning improves mental health. A study from the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute showed that too much visual stimulation hinders the brain’s ability to focus and process information. This increases overwhelm and impacts your mental health.

The actual act of cleaning and seeing a clean space helps decrease depression and anxiety. Having a dirty home makes you feel out of control and anxious. When you improve your living conditions, you also improve your mental health.

Increases Productivity

Part of your spring clean-up should include organizing and decluttering in addition to cleaning. Cleaning, decluttering, and organizing have proven to increase productivity. When you go through your belongings, you often find things you didn’t remember you had. This means now you don’t have to buy extras of something you already have in your home.

You can organize things in a way that makes them easier to find the next time. This makes you productive and prevents you from wasting time and money on buying things you already have.

Improves Physical Health

Cleaning is an act of exercise. Depending on how vigorously you clean your home and the size of your home, you could get a full workout in on the cleaning day. In addition, you will get rid of trash items laying around and clean gunk from the counters, tables, floors, etc.

All of this residue could lead to potential sickness if you aren’t careful. Clean up the messes that have been lingering around for a while for a clean, healthy approach to living in your home.

Makes You Happy

Overall, when you are finished with your cleaning, you will feel happier than when you started. When things are in order and clean, it gives you a sense of a fresh start. A clean home makes for a happy home.

Combine all the benefits of reducing stress, improving productivity, and reducing depression and anxiety, and you have a recipe for a happier life. Your organized home feels more in control and you feel that you can breathe easier (literally) knowing your to-do list just became much shorter.

Spring Cleaning is Important for Your Livelihood

If you are ready to feel happier in your home this spring, then get prepared for spring cleaning using these simple tips. Cleaning may sound like a drag, but if you make a plan ahead of time, it will be easier to do than you think. Make it fun! You are the one who is in charge of this cleaning session. If you come to it with an open mind, you will enjoy the process much more than if you come into it already dreading it.

Your mental and physical health will benefit from the time you take cleaning and organizing your home in the spring. Let go of items you no longer need, store decorative items for next winter, and get comfortable in a home full of possibilities. The only limit to your cleaning process is you.

It’s also understandable that you are busy and have other things on your to-do list that might not include spring cleaning. Consider hiring a professional who can make this process much easier for you. As a professional organizer, I work with families and individuals to create systems to implement in their homes for an organized life. Let’s create the systems that will work for you starting with a complimentary consultation. Clear your mind of all the things you have to do and let me help you make the cleaning and organizing process easier for you.