Ways to Prepare a Guest Room for a Memorable Holiday Stay

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The holidays are the most memorable and stressful time of the year. There is so much pressure that people put on themselves to be the perfect host whether that be cooking the holiday meals or having people stay in their homes. The key to enjoying the holidays is to find less stressful ways to experience it. If you are hosting guests in your home, learn how to prepare a guest room that will make for a memorable stay (and less stress for you).

Your goal during the holidays is to enjoy as much as you can while creating a space for you to enjoy others in your company. This means taking off things from your list that cause stress. There will be things you can’t control. But for the things you can control, make it enjoyable. Start by taking one of the biggest projects of hosting people in your home and simplifying it with this list.

6 Ways to Prepare a Guest Room for the Holidays

You don’t have to complete a full makeover to prepare a guest room for the holidays. The point is to make it functional, cozy and welcoming.

Perform a Deep Clean

The first thing to do to prepare a guest room is to perform a deep clean. This might be the most time-consuming part of the process. Start with a garbage bag, go through every corner of the room, and remove trash items. Follow up with dusting, wiping surfaces down, and vacuuming.

It is also a good idea to include a quick baseboard scrub as well. You never know the kind of gunk that lands there. If the room is carpet-free, make sure to mop the floor after sweeping. If you hire out your cleaning, make sure you book them a few days before your guests arrive.

Add a Welcome Basket

Everyone loves a nice welcome basket when they are staying over at a hotel or in someone else’s home. It feels like a present they get to enjoy opening that is full of things they would like. Consider adding in a special card, some sweet treats, snacks, and water for your guests.

You can also add in the Wi-Fi information and other things that you think would make their stay more enjoyable like a small hand lotion bottle and chapstick.

Set up Simple Décor

Simple décor is just the thing to tie in everything you are using to prepare a guest room. For the holidays, consider a string of white Christmas lights above the headboard, a small Christmas tree in the corner of the room, or a small vase of a holiday floral arrangement on the nightstand.

Simple touches to share the warmth and magic of the season can go a long way. Consider providing candy canes on the pillows or even a small wreath hung on the door for an extra special touch.

Offer Extra Blankets

The coziest additions of all are going to be the warmest blankets. Offer cozy blankets for your guests to use as additional warmth at night or just to cuddle up with as they wind down after a busy day. You can even use the blankets as decoration to help minimize any clutter or save on space.

Blankets bring a sense of “home” and are the perfect way to wrap others in a cozy hug. Add some light-colored blankets to the bed or even on a small chair in the corner of the room. This will likely be one of the first things that draws their attention in the room. 

Place Books and Other Reading Materials

The holiday time is also about slowing down to make the most of the season. For some guests, this means putting down the phone and getting into a cozy blanket with a book for some light reading. Offer classical holiday books or other holiday materials for them to read.

You can also offer books that you think your guests would enjoy based on their personality. Cater to their likes to provide even more feelings of comfort while they are in your home.

Provide Toiletries

It never fails, something always gets left behind. Stock up the room with extra toiletries so that your guests don’t have to worry about missing anything. From small shampoo bottles to toothbrushes, razors, and more, you will make them feel at home when they have access to things they need.

In addition, stock up the bathroom with necessities they will use while they are there, such as towels, wash rags, toilet paper, and such. Make sure if these items aren’t out in the open that they know where to find them should they need them.

Make the Holidays Magical for You and Your Guests

Many of the ideas on the list to prepare a guest room for the holidays are meant to lessen the stress on you. Some of these ideas are meant to spark the holiday magic in you too as you prepare to have others stay with you. Imagining how your guests will feel in your cozy holiday guest room can fill you up with joy just as much as they do.

If the preparations become too much, do what works best for you. Start with the minimum cleaning and work your way from there. You can also employ other members in your household or your friends to come help you prepare. This is a season of coming together to enjoy one another’s company and celebrate the way you want to.

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