How to Organize a Tiny Home to Fit Your Essentials

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organize a tiny home

Whether you are downsizing your home or you feel a tiny home is more cozy for you and your family, there are several ways you can learn how to organize a tiny home. Space is overrated which means there are a lot more areas to clean. Save yourself the hassle by living in a space that is more conducive to your lifestyle and the way you want to spend your time.

Tiny homes are considered between 100 and 400 square feet. That might not seem like very much space, but it can definitely be enough for your needs. Maximize your space and only fill it with things that are functional.

If you haven’t seen all the buzz yet surrounding the tiny home way of living, you are missing out on a really adventurous way to live. Become closer with your partner or family, allow space to only have to worry about yourself, or live life in the woods in a tiny home cabin like you’ve always dreamed. Tiny homes can be for anyone who is willing to make it work.

6 Tips to Organize a Tiny Home

To really maximize your living space and adjust to the tiny home living, consider these six tips to help you stay organized in your space. You will really learn about yourself, your priorities, and your preferred method of living once you’ve experienced a tiny home.

Make a Plan

Before you do anything to get ready to move into a tiny home, you have to plan out all of the logistics of it. Consider a floor plan that gives you the most usable space. Find an area you want to live in and research zoning rules. Think about what kind of outdoor area you will have for additional space.

Make a plan for groceries so that you are being cautious of your space. You don’t want to buy in bulk because you won’t be able to store things. Make a plan for meals each week to help keep groceries to a minimum. In addition, consider other expenses you won’t need anymore to help you plan for life in a new way.

Let Go of the Extras

Only take what you need. You will need to work on letting go of things you have been keeping around whether it be sentimental or “just in case”. It’s time to let go of the extras because they will take up precious space in your new living area.

If you don’t want to let go of sentimental items, consider getting a storage unit to keep those precious items. However, remember learning how to move into a tiny home comes with benefits like saving money on utilities and such. Don’t inflate your expenses with large, unnecessary storage units if you don’t need to.

Find Dual Purpose Furniture

Dual purpose furniture will help tremendously to save on space in your tiny home. If you need ideas, head to stores like Ikea to find inspiration for how you can use furniture in small spaces that can be used for more than one activity. For example, couches that turn into beds, dining tables that can be used as desks, or beds that can be lifted and used as closets.

Organize and then Organize Again

When you start to put things away in your tiny home, it is essential to organize and declutter as much as possible. When you think you’ve organized already, do it again to be sure you are using all of your space in a functional, useful way. 

Label items and spaces if you need to in order to ensure you aren’t overbuying or overstuffing your space with unnecessary items. Organize and declutter often to keep up with items that have made their way into your home.

Go Vertical

One of the most unique things about learning how to organize a tiny home includes going vertical. Instead of taking up floor space, use walls, corners of the rooms, and stackable items to store things you need. Going vertical takes away the clutter and visually frees up space in your home.

Shift Your Mindset

Moving into a tiny home is a huge change of lifestyle. For some, it is completely worth it to live a more minimalist lifestyle. In order to give this adventure an honest attempt at working for you, you will need to spend time shifting your mindset. Things that you have known for your life before living in a tiny home will be different now.

All of the conveniences of living in a bigger home will be different now. It won’t be bad; it will just be different. If you start to question your decision about how to live in a tiny home, you will need to take some time to readjust your expectations.

Learning to Organize a Tiny Home is Worth It

When we live with more stuff, we learn to put value on our worth based on the stuff we have. Living in a tiny home is a great way to break that mindset and learn to live with less. Organize a tiny home to help you get back to the basics. This lifestyle change will be worth the effort you put into it.

Tiny home living is a non-traditional way of living. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great way to live. Start making your plan, letting go of things that cannot come with you, and embark on a life-changing journey. Who knows, you may prefer to live in a tiny home over getting a bigger home ever again.

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