How to Start Minimalist Home Organization: A Beginner’s Guide

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Just as life goes through seasons of change, so do homes. There is a time when you need your home cozy and decorated followed by times when you need more space and less clutter. If you are in a season of change for your home and craving a new way to live, consider how to start minimalist home organization solutions.

Keep the golden rule in mind: “Less is more”. When you have less clutter in your home, your mental health also benefits. In addition, you have less to sort through when you are looking for specific items or when you just need to have the feeling of cleanliness in your home.

A minimalist home could be exactly what you need to feel like life is in order. Ask yourself if you really need all of the additional stuff in your home or if you can do without it. It might take some time to get used to, but minimalist home organization solutions can really change your life.

What is a Minimalist Home?

A minimalist home, design, or lifestyle is simply having a home that is characterized by simplicity. This lifestyle focuses on more space, less clutter, and functional furniture. It is a way of living that focuses on cleanliness and organization.

Why Should I Use Minimalist Organizing Solutions?

Minimalist home organization solutions have a way of keeping life simple. If you are tired of the clutter in your home and desire a fresher, less cluttered way of living, then you should use minimalist home organization solutions. Keep yourself accountable to only buying and keeping what you absolutely need to live your life.

How to Create an Organized Minimalist Home

A minimalist home doesn’t just happen overnight. Take the following minimalist home organization tips into consideration to start your minimalist lifestyle journey.

A Place for Everything

Don’t use countertops for storage. If everything has a place in your home, then there is no need to have clutter around your home. Find a spot for everything so that you know where to put things when you are finished using them. This also helps you know where items are when you actually need them instead of wasting time looking for something.

If you can’t find a place for something in your home, consider if you actually need that item. If it is important to have, then reconsider where you could put it. However, if you don’t really need it, then release it to a donation center, if applicable.

Decrease Storage Space

One of the ways homes become cluttered with stuff is when it has too many storage options. This actually increases clutter because you are less likely to let things go if you know you can just store them away. Downsize your storage space or stick to the rule of only storing seasonal items in those spaces.

The shed out in the back that has been collecting items over the years needs to be sorted. Those hall closets that are keeping random items need to be gone through. Under the bed storage needs to be cleaned out and used for specific purposes only. Minimalist home organization isn’t meant to keep things you no longer need or no longer use.

One in, One Out

Keep the rule that if you buy one thing, you need to release one thing from your home; “One in, one out”. This prevents you from bringing in more than you need in the home. In addition, it stops unnecessary clutter from piling up over time.

What’s more, you need to keep this rule to equal items. For example, if you buy a couch, you need to get rid of something that is equal to that couch and not just a blanket or a small pillow.

Remove Duplicate Items

There is really no reason to have duplicate items. Only buy and keep what you need. Remove duplicate items from your home and consider donating them, if possible. Minimalist home organization solutions are meant to keep things clutter-free.

Digital Storage

If you haven’t switched to digital storage yet, now is the time to do so. Keep the never-ending paper piles out of your home when you use digital storage options instead. This includes bank statements, scanning receipts to your computer, saving coupons digitally, etc. Much of a cluttered home comes from random papers sitting on counters.

Ignore Trends

The best tip to keep in mind when creating minimalist home organization solutions is to ignore trends. Trends come and go, which ends up leaving you with clutter that you don’t need. Keep functionality and simplicity in mind instead. Trends don’t need your attention.

Buy Less

Simply put, buy less! Only buy what you truly need to live life each day. This will prevent you from wasting money and keeps your home organized. It’s a popular rule to follow in the minimalist lifestyle.

Hire an Organizer to Create a Minimalist Home for You

Minimalist home organization solutions are worth the effort you put into them to have a more organized and less cluttered home. However, getting started in this lifestyle can become overwhelming. If you would prefer help from an expert who can get you to your minimalist living goals sooner than later, consider hiring a professional organizer like me who can make this happen for you.

As a professional organizer in Austin, it is my passion to help others create liveable spaces where they feel relaxed and at peace with their environment. Your living environment directly impacts every part of your life. Don’t let your home go unorganized any longer. Let’s create minimalist home organization solutions for your home together. Schedule your complimentary consultation with me so that we can get your home organized, functional, and clutter-free.