How to Prepare for New Toys Coming Into the Home

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How to prepare for new toys coming into the home

Thinking about all those toys that are going to flood your house soon– whether it be for the holidays or birthdays– can be overwhelming. You are already flooded daily with the toys that are in your home, you can’t possibly imagine having more. Thankfully, there are ways to learn how to prepare for new toys coming into the home without adding more clutter.

Life isn’t always going to revolve around shuffling toys from here and there and begging your kids to clean up their mess. To keep the overwhelm at bay and to save your feet from finding all of those sharp toys in the middle of the night, it’s time to make space for new toys coming into the home so that you can bring more order into your house.

6 Ways to Prepare for New Toys Coming Into the Home

If you’re ready to take action against all of the toys your kids have accumulated before new ones join, the following ways will prepare you for functionality and order. Implement them all into your home for a smooth toy transition.

Let Go of Broken Toys

The first rule of thumb is to let go of broken toys. If you can, dump out all of the toys in the middle of the floor and start sifting through toys that are broken or have missing pieces. Puzzles are notorious for having missing pieces and some small toys get broken easily.

Have a trash bag handy if needed to easily discard the broken toys. This usually frees up some space quickly and makes sorting through the remaining items easier.

Consider Age Appropriate Toys

It happens when toys get shoved to the back or you don’t realize your kids have outgrown them. Now that you have removed broken toys from the pile, consider which toys are no longer serving your kids now that they are getting older.

If you find your child still plays with certain toys, then definitely consider keeping them. On the other hand, remove toys that haven’t been played with and that your children have outgrown. You can donate them to a donation center or to a family who could use them. Give these toys new life again.

Review Remaining Toys

With the remaining toys you do have, it’s time to organize and categorize. Create different piles for toys that are alike. For example, racing cars in one pile, books in another pile, costumes in a third pile, etc.

Once you see what categories you have, it’s easier to visualize how you can organize them in your home in a functional and fun way. Consider putting labels on your piles to keep them together, thinking of the toys that will be entering your home as presents.

Use Clear Bins for Storage

Now that all categories have been assigned, you can put the toys in clear bins. Clear bins help to keep things organized longer. You have a better chance of putting things away in the right places if you can see what’s inside of the bin versus just shoving things blindly into a basket.

In addition, clear bins help your children to clean up better. Make sure to use labels on the bins to keep things organized. An added bonus is letter recognition opportunities for your kids.

Store Bins Neatly and Functionally

Not only will the bins need to be labeled, but they will also need to be stored neatly and functionally in order to prepare for new toys coming into the home. Have a spot for the bins to go such as a bookshelf, in a closet, or in a certain area of the room.

Neatness helps minimize clutter. Functionality helps keep things in order. Your children will know where their toys are and likely where to find specific items if they are kept organized. Keeping the bins in a designated space keeps your home clean.

Create a Toy Rotating System

There is such a thing as too many toys. Children can’t focus with too many toys out at the same time. Therefore, it is a good idea to implement a toy rotating system. This means storing away some of the toys for a few months at a time and then reintroducing them later on. Make way for new toys to come into your home and store away some of the bins for later.

In a few months when your children seem to become bored with the toys that are available to them, then you can bring out the bins you stored away. This gives them a feeling of “new” toys again without the price tag and without actually bringing more toys into the home. It is a win-win!

Preparing for New Toys Coming Into the Home Can Be Fun

It’s normal for children to ask for or want more toys any time of year, especially during holidays and birthdays. Toys are advertised nearly everywhere they look. It feels like there is competition amongst toy companies to see who can put out the most commercials and advertisements.

This doesn’t mean you have to buy your kids every single toy they request, but it is inevitable that more toys will enter your home throughout the years. Prepare for new toys coming into the home so that you can minimize clutter and really hone in on organization. For some, organization as a parent really helps them thrive.

Get your kids in on the action to help you prepare your home for new toys. Let them say goodbye to the toys you are donating. Explain what categories you are creating for their toys and why. Show them how they can keep up with their toys to keep them like new. This can be a fun process for the whole family. New toys can be great if you are prepared for their arrival in your home.