How to Prepare for Holiday Takedown and Clean Up

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holiday takedown and clean up

Everyone has their own timeline for holiday takedown and cleanup. Some choose to do it on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, or well into January. No matter when you choose to take down and clean up following the holidays, it’s important to have a clean up system in place.

This will help with settling up for the next holiday season as well as ensuring your home isn’t bursting at the seams with random decorations shoved everywhere. The holidays can be stressful and the end of them might be a chance for you to relax. But let’s not let the takedown process set you up for having to organize and declutter holiday decorations next year.

6 Ways to Takedown and Clean Up After the Holidays

For a smooth transition from the holidays into a fresh new year, take a look at the tips provided here. Prepare for a successful holiday takedown and clean up.

Use Storage Bins

It is a good idea to use bins or boxes to house your holiday decorations. All of your holiday decorations should be in one spot instead of being spread across multiple boxes or areas of your home and garage. This makes it easier for you to keep an inventory of what you have and it will be easier to set up the decorations come next holiday season.

Label each bin with what you have inside. For example, one bin may have ornaments, another bin could have winter wonderland village items, and another may house all of the lights. You can choose where your items go; just make sure you label things for easy access and organization.


Some of the decorations might have seen their last holiday season. It’s time to let them go and consider replacing them next year. You may also find that there are items you’ve been carrying around with you for years that haven’t been displayed for a while. Consider decluttering these items to make room in your storage bins.

In addition, the holidays likely brought more items into your home like gifts. Take this time to declutter your home so that you can make room for new items. The goal is to not let clutter take over your home.

Sweep, Mop, Vacuum

One of the most important tips for holiday takedown and clean up is the actual deep cleaning process. Dust has collected, crumbs started living in the couch, and thistles from your tree have scattered. Leaving all of these things behind as you close out this holiday season will only prolong the inevitable deep clean you will have to do soon in the future.

Start with sweeping and mopping the non-carpeted areas. Underneath furniture and cabinets in the kitchen are especially good at hiding things. Then move to vacuuming carpeted areas, if needed. Again, check under the furniture as you vacuum. You will thank yourself for going the extra mile with your holiday takedown and clean up.


Once all of the decorations have left the inside of your home, this is a great opportunity to rearrange your home, if needed. Maximize your living space by placing furniture in optimal spaces to create a better flow. If you have children, this could be the perfect time to move things around in their room (and possibly find items that have been shoved behind dressers and/or beds).

Rearranging things, even just slightly, helps with mental health. It helps you get creative in your space, can be visually stimulating, and can increase your sense of comfort when you see how a newly arranged room makes you feel.

Safely Take Down Decorations Outdoors

When the inside holiday takedown and clean up is complete, now it is time to move to the outdoors. Check all of your decorations to ensure there are no damages to them. If there are, it is time to let those go.

Make sure all of your lights are wound up neatly. This will help avoid a cluster of mess in your light bins. Remember to keep safety in mind if you are needing to climb a ladder to reach lights and decorations that are on top of your house.

Properly Dispose of Items Not Being Kept

Live Christmas trees are sometimes required to go to a special recycling center. Other items like glass and lights may be required to go into a recycle trash bin separate from your normal household trash. 

Check with your city’s requirements about properly disposing of the items you are no longer keeping. Rid your home of unneeded items while also taking part in keeping the planet clean.

Holiday Takedown and Clean Up is a Chance for Renewal

You might be someone who dreads the holiday takedown and clean up process. But it doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. Think of it as a chance for renewal– renewing your living space, preparing for an easier decoration setup next year, and renewing yourself for the new year.

You don’t have to do this project on your own. Get your family members in on the clean up process and ask friends to come help. After all, just because the season of giving is coming to a close doesn’t mean the people in your life will suddenly stop giving you their time to help. You can also reach out to me, a professional home organizer, to help you optimize your storage space and help keep your home clean now and in the future. All it takes is a free chat to set you up for success.

Put on some of your favorite tunes and order your favorite food. Get started in your holiday takedown and clean up process with some fun. Make it a fun activity so that you will feel excited to get this clean up party going. The steps you take now for cleaning up after the holidays can make all the difference in future holiday seasons to come.