Declutter and Organize Your Closet: 5 Tips to A Smooth Process

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The dreaded process of having to declutter and organize your closet comes strong and bold. After all, closets are home to some very special memories such as wedding dresses, classic shirts you used to wear in high school, suits that you spent money on, sparkly shoes, etc. While that is all nostalgic and fun, it’s time to consider ways to get more space in your closet.

Let’s face it; closet organization can be a long process if you don’t know where to start. It can be especially difficult if you don’t feel ready to do it. Go into it with an open mind and a goal. If you try to rush the process, you will likely get overwhelmed doing it and quit before it’s completed. You definitely want to avoid doing that.

Prevent the overwhelm ahead of time by following the tips I’ve laid out in this guide here. You will learn the process of rewiring your mind when it comes to thinking about how to declutter and organize your closet. No more procrastinating; it’s time to get it done!

Why Should You Declutter Your Closet?

If you spend time now decluttering and organizing your closet, it will save you time in the future and potentially some money. Going through items you no longer wear can provide you with more space in the closet and can rid you of baggage that’s just collecting dust. Think of a time if you ever have to move, do you want to take it all with you?

Also, there may be pieces in your closet that you can sell and make some money from. You may also find items that you forgot you had, which could save you from purchasing another one by mistake. You should declutter your closet for the sake of time, money, and space.

6 Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Prevent the overwhelm when you declutter and organize your closet by following these six tips for organizing your closet to finally finish the process and be able to keep up with it.

Take it All Out

As annoying as this might sound, it is recommended that you take everything out of your closet to start the decluttering and organization process. If you don’t remove things, chances are you could miss items or graze over sections you think don’t need to be gone through. Lay everything out on your bed and/or on the floor if needed by category or style and sort by type For example, sleeveless, short sleeve, and long sleeve etc.

Now you have a full picture of everything that you have and if you have duplicates of a certain item. This is an excellent opportunity to only keep items that are in great shape and that you’re excited to wear. Organize into piles “donate, trash, keep.”

Get Rid of Clothes that Don’t Fit

This one can be particularly challenging for many. Maybe there was an outfit or two that you really loved wearing long ago whether it was a night out or a cozy night in. Now, it no longer fits like it used to, but you keep it around because someday it might fit again, right?

Unfortunately, this isn’t a healthy mindset to keep. Instead, wouldn’t it feel better to reward yourself with a new outfit once you have reached your goal weight or physique? So let go of  the clothes that don’t fit and make new memories with a new outfit later on when you are ready to replace those outfits. Ask yourself, “If I make my goal weight, would I rebuy this?” If your answer is no, then let it go.

Let Go of  Items You haven’t Worn in A Year or More

Maybe you’ve heard the six month rule in years passed. If you haven’t worn something in six months, you’re supposed to get rid of it. The problem there is that you haven’t gone through all seasons of the year yet to circle back to some items. Therefore, I recommend letting go of  items that you haven’t worn in one year or more.

There are many individuals that will hold onto items they haven’t worn since high school or college. At this point, they are just collecting dust if you aren’t wearing them. Ask yourself if you were to go shopping right now, would you rebuy this item? If not, then it’s time for it to go or be relocated to a sentimental box

Dedicate One Hour

Keep the overwhelm at bay by dedicating one hour at a time to the declutter and organize your closet process. This likely won’t mean you will be done with everything in one hour, but you can still reward yourself with a show or a walk around the block before getting back to it. One hour of dedicated time can make a tremendous dent in your process.

The One In One Out Rule

If you buy an outfit or article of clothing, keep to the rule of one new item in, one old item out. This means you have to get rid of something of equal value to the item you just purchased. This will prevent you from adding more things to your closet and it will be an equal swap out.

Commit to Weekly Sweeps

After you’ve completed a full haul of your closet, keep on top of it all by committing to weekly sweeps. Spend as little as 15 minutes per week (especially if you love to shop) going through your closet to prevent a backlog of items that need to be gone through months from now. Save yourself the time and the headache by committing now instead of putting it off.

Don’t Let Your Closet Takeover Your Life

Sometimes, it seems easier to just shut the door and pretend like the clutter isn’t behind it. Unfortunately, you will have to face the clutter at some point whether it be now or in the future. Do yourself a favor; declutter and organize your closet now while you have the control to do so instead of waiting for the future when you absolutely have to do it.

Rewiring the brain when it comes to your closet can take some time. Be consistent with your process to prevent your closet from taking over your life. Think of buying new clothes as a way to celebrate milestones such as donating a full bag of clothes to someone else. Feel good about helping others while making room in your life for things you need.

Decluttering and organizing has many benefits. If you need some assistance or guidance on the exact steps to prevent the clutter, I would be thrilled to help you with this! I am a professional organizer with a passion for helping people create a pretty and functional living space. Let’s set up a complimentary consultation and make a plan together.