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Need kitchen organization + healthy lifestyle guidance in your life? 

Welcome to Healthy Kitchen Makeovers

As a Certified Nutrition Coach, I have a special kind of love for kitchen organization and nutrition! I know how important energy is when you need to "perform" daily - at home and at work.

But when you can't find anything in your kitchen, fridge, or pantry because of the clutter - it feels next to impossible to make choices that support your health goals. You end up reaching for the quickest thing that's right in front of you and your energy drags all day - the struggle is real! This is where a healthy kitchen makeover is needed.

For real-life changes to occur, there has to be a system in place in your whole kitchen.

I used to think making a smoothie or preparing a meal was super hard, time consuming, and I never wanted to cook. That all changed once I got my kitchen in order to work smarter for me and not harder. I put most of the things I needed to make a smoothie in one convenient location.

So instead of making a trip to the pantry for all the dry ingredients, then to the freezer/fridge for fruits and milk, and then to the cabinet for my blender, I now keep all my dry ingredients with my blender and only have to make a trip to the freezer/fridge.  Game changer!

Same thing for my pantry, once I sorted all my foods by category, contained them in a bin, and added a label - the search for what I need to cook ended. I found what I needed right away and was able to get my meals prepared so much quicker!

Using my EASE Method, we’ll organize your entire kitchen to get you set up for success! This means going through all the cabinets, drawers, the fridge and pantry to rethink how you want to use each zone. Then we'll set up functional organized systems that are easy to maintain!

We’ll discuss your goals and evaluate what foods need an upgrade or what's missing in your kitchen.

You’ll learn which foods give you the most energy. And how to create energy balanced meals to keep your blood sugar and energy stable throughout the day so you can perform at your highest level consistently.

Most importantly, the stress of trying to find what you need in a cluttered kitchen will be GONE - so you can make your health a priority.

kitchen organization

Starting at $1500*

*materials/food needed are not included in the price

What's Included:

  • 1-hour complimentary in-home consultation

  • kitchen organization + system setup

  • evaluation of foods you’re currently eating

  • recommendation of foods to upgrade or add-in

  • lessons on meal prep, meal planning, and creating energy balanced meals

  • nutrition guide to follow based on your healthy lifestyle goals